About Us

About Shalema Group

We the Global Network, encompasses leading independently owned and operated companies that specialize in the logistics industry – including freight forwarders, transportation intermediaries and associated companies – all working together in a network environment to benefit from our “Power of One” philosophy.

Act as a worldwide umbrella network of selected members who will cooperate under agreed standards, actively promote and support each other in the handling of profitable freight forwarding, transportation, logistics, customs brokerage and related services by the pooling of sales, operational and financial resources.

Our Group Of Companies

Our Core Values


Creating an environment, which would perpetuate harmonious associations with all.

Honesty & Integrity

Financial honesty, Ethical behavior, Fair practice & Commitment.


Encourage honest feed back, patient hearing to negatives, communicate bad news quickly.


Fairness in all actions and communications dealing with employees & customers

Mutual Trust & Respect

Belief in self, team, system, business partners, customers. High value to feelings and emotions of people.

Empathy, Sympathy & Compassion

Humane, Caring, Thoughtful, Tolerant and listens to people

only we can

Make it happen

Attract new members who are the leaders in their own local markets with a global vision mentality; that maintain and surpass client satisfaction with a reputable status aligned with the highest integrity and service commitment versus accepted industry standards.


Happy Clients